Support for individuals

When parents ask about having individual support, one of our workers or experienced volunteers will meet with them at a time that suits them and a place where they feel comfortable.

During that meeting the worker or volunteer will begin to get to know the parent and find out how they hope having a peer supporter will help them. The worker or volunteer will explain the kind of support that we offer. We ask parents if there is any particular type of person they would like to have as a peer supporter – for instance what age they would prefer them to be and what type of personality they would like them to have. That helps us to choose a volunteer who will suit each parent.

a womanWe introduce the peer supporter we have chosen to the parent and if they feel comfortable with each other at the first meeting, the sessions start as soon as possible.

Our peer supporters meet regularly with parents for about an hour - usually once a week, but sometimes more often. They will talk about whatever is important to the parent. The peer supporter will find ways to help the parent express what she is feeling and what is on her mind. The support will be provided for as long as the parent needs it and will take place wherever the parent feels most comfortable. Parents can use our crèche and we will arrange transport if that will help them make the most of the support.

Having their own personal peer supporter is a personal and private arrangement for parents. Nobody except the peer supporter, the worker or experienced volunteer who introduces her to the parent and the parent will know about it, unless the parents wants them to know.

The worker or experienced volunteer who introduced the parent and peer supporter to one another will meet with them from time to time to review how the support is going.