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17 August 2015 / Categories: Case Studies

We will be gradually adding more case studies, but for now, here is one that was written by one of the parents we have supported, explaining how the support helped her and made her want to become a peer supporter herself.


"I just wanted to let everyone know how I was getting on at university. It's been very hectic and surreal I still can't believe I am at university.

I also cannot praise Parents4Parents so much for the help it’s given me towards university.  Everything I am learning is all to do with what I have been taught at Parents4Parents about how to offer peer support, all the activities we do.  We did the ball of string one on Friday. I felt so confident with the tasks, that confident I stood in front of a lecture hall with over 300 people and did a presentation. I couldn't believe I did it. I would never have done that before. But I thought I have done this with p4p In front of strangers i can do this.

I haven't received all my uniform yet. I am learning alongside mental health students, learning disabilities and children's nurses. It's so we have a deeper understanding of all areas. I thought it would predominantly be Adult nursing but I do mixture.

I hope you are all well. Hopefully I get to see you soon. I miss Parents4Parents. But I still can't believe how much it prepared me for university. Everything we do is around, care, compassion, dignity, respect, empathy, being non judgemental, not patronising others, how we sit, talk, It has given me a head start so much on the course. I really can't thank you enough for how much I am prepared."


“It’s amazing how much progress you can make in a short time when you have peer support. I had one to one support from Parents4Parents-NorthYorks when I was pregnant and after my baby was born I joined one of their parent peer support groups. They helped me overcome isolation, depression and stress, to get my confidence, self-belief and social skills back.

The support is personalised, tailored for you. You feel special. You know that no matter what you’re not going to be judged so you don’t hold anything back, which is really important. When you talk to a professional you’re worried about what you say to them, but you know the peer supporters and group members have been through similar experiences and you can trust them.

I felt secure and supported. I looked up to the peer supporters but knew they started where I started. I’m training to be a peer supporter myself now and I’m really excited. The training is a big challenging journey but it’s worth it. You find things out about yourself and see things from a different angle.”

- Kirsty