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Watch the documentary video, see and hear parents perform their writing writing, get a copy of the book

09 November 2017 / Categories: Progammes

"Take Our Words For It!" has brought together parents from military and civilian families to write about their experiences of what it's like living through really diffcult life experiences when you're expecting and looking after children.

They have performed pieces of their writing at two events on 3 October and 3rd November 2017. Here are some of the comments that people from the audience made about what they heard:

Just amazing!     Wonderful writing       Very powerful and eye opening       Moved me to tears

Words touched everyone in the room       My heart was in my throat at times       Gave me goose bumps

Honest          Raw           Real           Passionate          Empowering         Inspirational       Very touching

I didn't want it to end       It was an honour to be invited

Insightful              Thought provoking     Really moving        Powerful words   

So glad these amazing women and men have had the chance to express so clearly their experiences of life

Amazing - thank you for helping 'us' to understand

On Friday 9 February 2018 we will be celebrating the achievements of the "Take Our Words For It!" at Colburn Village Hall. For more information please contact us on