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A chance for parents to write about their experiences and have their voices heard

26 November 2016 / Categories: Progammes

We are delighted to announce our exciting new Take Our Words For It! project, which is funded by a grant from the Armed Forces Community Covenant.

The project will create a team of parents from military and civilian families and different communities to share, compare and write about their experiences of expecting and looking after their children.

The parents who join the Take Our Words For it! writing team will take part in workshops led by professional writers who are excellent at helping people to express their feelings and thoughts in a powerful way using whatever form of writing they prefer.

The writing that the team members create will be performed at events for other parents.  

Members if the Take Our Words For It! Writing Team will have their writing published in a book and appear in a video about the project.

At the end of the project there will be a big celebration event when the video and book are launched and the “Take Our Words For It” Team are congratulated in their achievement.

If you know someone who you think would enjoy being part of this project, please put them in touch with us – they do not need to have any previous writing experience, just have something to say and want other people to hear it loud and clear.