The trustees who were appointed at our Annual General Meeting on 24 November 2015 are:


Honorary Officers

Naomi Lawton, Chairperson

Caron Boudrioua, Vice Chairperson

Jeannie Blackhurst, Treasurer

Sam Sankey, Secretary

Debbie Marwood, Outreach and Promotion Officer

Trustees without honorary officer roles (in alphabetical order)

Hannah Jones

Stephanie McKiddie

Ann-marie McKee

Sheree O'Rourke


Our Chairperson Naomi Lawton

I’m an experienced Peer Supporter. I’ve been involved with Parents4Parents since the very beginning. I’m a mother to two young children. When I first joined I was looking for a way of meeting other parents of a similar age and of like mind. Also I was interested in the fact that I would be able to help other mums in the way I felt I was lacking when I was a young mum and first moved into the area. I’ve stayed involved for years because of the people that are part of Parents4Parents and the concept and ideas behind the whole charity. I’ve provided one to one and group support for parents, gone to lots of meetings with partner agencies and been on the Trustees sub committee that deals with promotion. I was involved in the process that stared the very first parent support groups and the thing I’m most proud of doing in my time with Parents4Parents is creating the Take A Break Share The Load group, seeing it get off the ground and how it has grown and expanded

Our Vice chairperson, Caron Boudrioua

I’m a mother of 6 grown up children and nana of 10. I became a Trustee when I helped to set up Parents4Parents-NorthYorks. During the years I’ve been involved, as well as being a Trustee I’ve provided one to one support for parents, helped to set up and lead new parent support groups and done outreach work. I’m proud to be involved with the charity, because it’s such a well-run organisation. I enjoy being a Trustee and making sure that the charity runs smoothly and properly. I like chairing meetings, helping to make decisions and representing Parents4Parents at events run by other agencies. it’s an absolute pleasure and privilege to be Chairperson and watch it go from strength to strength.

Our Treasurer, Jeannie Blackhurst

I’ve been with Parents4Parents for 3 years now. I’ve given one to one support to parents, helped plan and run parent support groups, helped run Little Artists Workshops, met with other agencies, done community outreach work and I as a Trustee I am Treasurer for Parents4Parents. I’m a mother with one teenage child and two toddlers. I was an army wife and my husband serves with the 1 Lancs. regiment. Personally I’m involved with the charity because when I needed support and someone to talk to, there was nothing and I want to give to the community what was missing for me, to help others. I love being a Trustee, being able to give my ideas, seeing the progression of the charity from nothing to providing all the different parent support groups we run now. I love overseeing the work of the other volunteers, making decisions and giving input from my experience of providing peer support about what works and what doesn’t. I like being hands on shaping and running the charity, making sure other volunteers have a voice and collaborating with them on what works best for them and the community. I’m most pleased with the work I’ve done setting up and running the Just Between Us group and supporting individual parents. I’ve absolutely loved watching them grow and blossom, like a little closed bud opening up into a flower because of the nurturing and support it’s given. Working with Parents4Partents has given me a sense of identity, a goal and a purpose in life and fulfilment.  


Our Workers

Our Project Director and Development Officer, Viv Schwartzberg

I feel proud to have been a worker with Parents4Parents-NorthYorks from when it was first formed and to have helped the amazing women who set up and run the charity to make it such an important and valued orgnaisation. Their commitment to providing the highest quality peer support for the parents who need it, their diligence and professionalism in governing and running the charity, the skills and human qualities they bring to their work make it a pleasure and a priviledge to work for and with the


Our Trainee Project Manager, Rebecca Briggs

I’ve been involved with Parents4Parents for 2 years. I’ve provided individual peer support, helped to plan and run support groups for parents, coordinated the Little Artists Workshops, done outreach work and represented our charity at events run by other organisations. I am passionate about helping young parents who are often alone and isolated because of the gap between them and other people. They lose the common thread with people who aren’t parents. It’s as if they stop being seen as people in other ways, but they are more than just a mum or a partner. The role of Trustees is important. We drive the organisation alongside the staff. We make the decisions that make Parents4Parents aims a reality. We aren’t just figureheads, we make things happen. I’m exceptionally proud of my work with the Little Artists Workshops I love watching the children and parents take part in them. I enjoy outreach work more than I expected. I enjoy meeting people who want to help and work with us and come away from events and visits feeling positive and excited about the contacts and partnerships we’ve made.

Our Trainee Trainer, Carol-ann Hodgson