Our Values

Parents4Parents-NorthYorks believes that every parent

  • Deserves to be treated equally and with respect
  • Has the right to be happy in their role, enjoy their children and be comfortable in their own lives
  • Has the right to have strong relationships with their child and the people closest to them
  • Has the right to have some relationships that focus on their needs as a person and not only on being a mother or father, a partner, relative or friend

We also believe that

  • Every parent has the right to support from someone who can understand what life might be like for them
  • Every parent who is worried, no matter how big or small the issue is, should have someone who cares and has been through similar emotional experiences to listen to them
  • Every parent has the right to expect the services that are provided for them to help them manage any problems they face in a supportive way which works for them
  • Every parent should be given the help they need to understand, cope and grow into the best parent they can be

We believe that giving parents the right support is really important because

  • It makes it possible for them to choose the best way to care for their children
  • It gives children a good start
  • It benefits the whole family
  • It helps children by helping their parents to cope with the challenges they face while they are looking after them
  • The situation a parent is in may not be of their own making or choice and they may not be able cope with it on their own

smiling mother with child

We believe that we can offer the support that parents need because

  • We are parents from the community ourselves and we have had the same kinds of experiences as the parents we support
  • We have had training in how to listen properly and find out what a person needs
  • We are there to help parents feel more confident and make their own decisions
  • We know how important confidentiality is
  • We are there for the sake of the parent and not an organisation