About Us

We are volunteers from the community who have been trained to offer confidential support. We work for a local organisation that’s run by parents for parents.

We offer private individual support for parents. Parents can have their own personal peer supporter who’ll meet with them regularly. The support is just about the parent - what’s on their mind, and how they’re feeling.

We also run small welcoming support groups for parents who want to meet and get to know other parents who feel like they do.

We never criticise, judge or tell parents what to do. We just listen, help them to feel more confident and make decisions for themselves.


Are you or do you know someone who is...

  • Expecting a baby?
  • Looking after a baby, a young child or children?


We are here if you or someone you know...

  • Would like to talk privately about what is happening in their lives or anything that is worrying them.
  • Are wondering if they will ever feel like themselves again.
  • Are new to the area or feel cut off from other people for any reason.
  • Want to meet other parents in small groups where they will feel welcome and included

Our results

Since Parents4Parents-NorthYorks was set up, over 100 parents have used our services and taken part in the activities we offer, with between 30 and 40 coming to us each week. About half of them come to us because they hear about us from a friend or from one of our volunteers. The rest find out about us through workers from other agencies.

All the parents who use our services say that it makes a positive difference to their wellbeing. They have told us that it has:

  • Helped reduce their feelings of sadness or anxiety
  • Helped them to overcome isolation and loneliness
  • Helped them to find friendship and social support
  • Helped to build their self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Helped them to manage situations or relationships that worry them
  • Helped them think about and focus on their personal development
  • Helped overcome barriers between parents from different communities  

Six of the parents we have supported have gone on to become peer supporters themselves.

The agencies that work with us

We work with lots of different agencies from the statutory, voluntary and community sectors in North Yorkshire to make sure that we reach the parents who need peer support. Those agencies help us to keep improving our services and they work with us to help set up new peer support services that are needed.

We have a Parents4Parents Partnership with representatives from 15 different agencies, who meet with us three times a year to review how things are going and help us to to improve and keep building on our successes.

We are grateful to our partner agencies for the resources, venues and services, such as specialist training workshops for our volunteers, that they donate to help us achieve our aims. For instance, we have Purple Creative to thank for this website, which they designed and set up for us free of charge.

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